Food tells the story about our culture

About us

Cooktour is a Seattle based tech startup that helps you discover the best food experiences and inspires you to travel and cook more.

Cooktour was founded 2017 in Seattle by cofounders Edgar and Julia with the vision to help people discover the world’s best and most authentic food experiences. They both have a passion for food, travel, technology and education and they love bringing people from different parts of the world together.

“It all started as a passion project on the side and we decided to take it to the next level when we realized the potential of our idea as our mission resonated with foodies and experts around the globe.” 

The team is building an international community of contributors, food experts and enthusiasts from all different cultural backgrounds who are passionate about sharing, teaching and learning about culture especially around food.

We are currently working on realizing this vision by developing a bucket list app that helps you find the best cultural food experiences no matter where you are.