About Julia


Julia’s family has an organic vegetable garden that introduced her to flavorful, fresh ingredients. She became excited about discovering new ingredients and tasting new foods while traveling around the world.

About Edgar


Edgar loves traveling and is a nomad (he has lived in 8 countries so far).While living in Paris as a student, he started experimenting in the kitchen where he learned how to cook and discovered his passion for food.

Starting Cooktour

Our hobbies meet our passions

When Julia and Edgar met in Seattle, they found out they both had a similar way of seeing the world. They also share the same passion for traveling and learning about different cultures through food.

Together, they enjoyed taking cooking classes in different parts of the world. When they were not traveling, they noticed that they were spending too much time planing and cooking their favorite meals for dinner. They believe that they are not the only ones facing this problem, that is why they decided to build a start up.

With our Cooktour Experiences, we want to inspire you to cook something new and adventurous whenever you feel like it. We want to simplify grocery shopping and planning. We want to help you discover new exotic ingredients as you learn to cook-better-than restaurant meals in a fun and easy way.

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