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21st century migration to Berlin has created vibrant culture and cuisine that is the envy of Europe and keeps the city looking forward, not back.

What you should know about Cuisine from Berlin

Germany’s capital is a cultural juggernaut. Berlin is a hub of creative experimentation that attracts the world’s greatest artists and performers. In a city that never sleeps, Berliners prioritize having a good time over material wealth. Yet, as the former headquarters of the Nazi party and front line of the Cold War, Berlin’s past casts a long shadow. Berlin's sprawl is home to 3.75m people and is the second most populous city in the EU. Located the banks of the River Spree, Berlin is a green city that's dotted with lakes and enjoys a temperate, seasonal climate.

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What makes food unique in Cuisine from Berlin?

Traditional Berlin cuisine originated in north Germany and is dominated by potatoes, cabbage, and pork served as Eisbein, schnitzel or sausage. Berliners still enjoy traditional fare - Berlin runs on currywurst and hot Pfannkuchen (aka Berliner doughnuts) - but globally influenced cuisine is more popular. There are around 1 million people with immigrant status in Berlin, each with a distinct culinary heritage that invigorated Berlin's palette. Vegans are well catered to in Berlin as are lovers of Asian, South American, Central American, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European cuisine. Most Berliners live fast and hard so can’t live without their beloved falafel wraps and doner kebabs.

Regional dishes you have to eat

Unique regional flavors you can discover in Cuisine from Berlin

Berlin has two flavors. One is the rustic, meaty taste of northern Germany where pork, potatoes, and cabbage make up a heavy cuisine designed to fuel a workforce. The other is hard to categorize as it’s the flavor of the world, like eating sushi, tabbouleh, Thai curry and empanadas all from one plate.

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