Cuisine from Chubu and Kanto 101


Mount Fuji and the City of Tokyo are located in Chubo and Kanto, regions where the cuisine is as distinctive as the landscape.

What you should know about Cuisine from Chubu and Kanto

Kanto and Chubu are central regions of the Japanese island Honshu. Kanto is a flat plain that's home to Tokyo and its epic sprawl making up one-third of Japan's population. Chubu is a mountainous region, home to the Japanese Alps and Mount Fuji. Kanto was Japan's heart of feudal power and the place modernity first took hold. With a population explosion the old ways died and today, garden regions around Tokyo exist solely to provide the city with fresh produce. Chubu is a land of vertical cities and rugged mountains that divides Japan in two. The Pacific side enjoys sunny winters while the Sea of Japan side gets snow.

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What makes food unique in Cuisine from Chubu and Kanto?

The Kanto region of Japan is where the nation first embraced modernity and its global influences. Yet the old ways of cooking and eating held strong. Native ingredients like seafood, vegetables, rice, miso, and noodles form the basis of Kanto's strongly-flavored cuisine. Regional specialties are important. In Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures, powerful dishes of chopped raw fish and fish stew are common, Yokosuka has its own curry culture Saitamans eat Hiyajiru noodles. Nagoya is the largest city in Chubu and Nagoya cuisine has influenced the entire region. Mama miso and tamari give Nagoya cuisine a distinctive umami taste. Shrimp is a beloved ingredient and grasshoppers are a delicacy.

Regional dishes you have to eat


Kaigun Curry




Unique regional flavors you can discover in Cuisine from Chubu and Kanto

The Kanto and Chubu regions’ love for pungent, salty ingredients like dried bonito flakes and tamari make their cuisine stronger than the rest of Japan. Seafood and fish, rice and noodles, are staples, enhanced by the flavors like ginger, leeks, and shisho.

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Ginger Fresh


Udon Noodles


Curry Paste


Tamari Sauce


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