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Whether you find yourself rolling the dice until morning or eating out on the strip, Las Vegas is a place of omnipresent thrills where any material desire can be fulfilled.

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What you should know about Las Vegas

Once inhabited by Native Americans, the desert valley of present-day Las Vegas was nothing more than a convenient point to resupply for travelers and traders on the way to California. The rapid growth and construction of the Hoover Dam that came in the 20th century meant the relocation of many male workers. Both local business owners and Mafia crime lords seized the opportunity to develop casinos and showgirl theatres. Las Vegas quickly became a home for gambling, prostitution and alcohol in the middle of the desert, attracting everybody from Hollywood movie stars to organized mobsters.

Little has changed when it comes to the universal allure of Las Vegas–lit-up casino hotels, flashing neon signs, non-stop partying and big-budget Hollywood entertainment. Sin City caters well to its high-rolling clientele for an atmosphere of exciting energy, upscale experiences and overall indulgence. The Las Vegas Strip is the central artery where you’ll see the most iconic landmarks and a seamless blend of fine dining establishments, celebrity chefs and iconic American franchises.

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The desert oasis is packed to the brim during its hot and dry summers, so head there between April and September if you want the typical Las Vegas experience. From around November onwards, the beach clubs shut down and the winter temperature drop quite low while accommodation rates are discounted. While known for its extravagant restaurants, Las Vegas also offers visitors the All-American experience in the form of local hot dogs, burgers, steaks and classic chains.

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