Food brings cultures together.

Around the globe.

Food unites us. No matter where you come from, every person on this planet loves it. Everyone has beautiful memories or stories to share around food.

Let’s build a global community of open-minded people interested in learning or passionate about sharing their cultural values through food.

Connect people around

the world through food

No matter where we come from one thing we all have in common is that we enjoy food. We want to build a global community of chefs and foodies to make exotic and delicious flavors from around the world accessible to you. Let’s build a global cook book together!

Make cooking at home

more exciting than eating out.

Without the right ingredients, recipes and time it is hard to get excited about cooking at home. With our cooking class in a box we guarantee that you will have a unique cooking experience any day. Learn how to cook delicious Thai food one day, discover exotic Chinese flavors the next, we offer new cuisines every day and best part you can cook them in 30 minutes or less.

Inspire food producers to focus

on quality over quantity.

Have you ever tasted the difference between a tomato bought supermarket versus a tomato from your garden? We believe the best flavors come from natural high quality ingredients. We partner with local producers from your nearest farmers markets to offer the freshest seasonal ingredients. We want to inspire other food producers to prioritize health over profits.

Influence other food companies to

reduce packaging waste.

Did you know that it’s an average person generates X tons of trash every year? Really cares about the environment we optimize our resumes to minimize the packaging needed. All cooking boxes come in biodegradable or reusable packaging. By doing so we want to influence our competitors and food producers to use packaging more wisely and protect the environment.

Help you eat healthy.

Did you know that the Japanese have the longest life expectancy in the world that it is because Japanese eat non-processed ingredients which protein. In eating fresh high-quality non-processed not in counting calories are cooking kids contain the highest quality ingredients from the region really grown spices from around the world.

You are what you ate and you will be what you eat!

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